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I Wish You Would Sail

If you had a beautiful boat, would you spend your daily toil making sure she was perfectly painted and ready for appraisal, or would you sail her somewhere breathtaking?

Would you use the precious grains of sand that fall through the hole to fix every tiny scrape on her bow, or would you welcome onboard beloved passengers to share the delights of the views and the sunsets?

If you had a blessed boat would you make her the most beautiful boat on the shoreline or would you let her fulfil her little boat destiny and see the world, feel the wind, the sun, chance her way through choppy waters to revel in the balm of the still and feel completely at one with her place on this planet?

A boat has a purpose and a destiny and it is not to draw admirers on the beach.

It’s to sail my friend,

I only wish you would sail.

Donna Ashworth

Poetry books: ‘to the women’ and ‘the right words’

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