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The Mothership Alliance, is designed to exist as a private, members-only world, dedicated to the co-creation of a new and better world as ONE. 


Our membership & network is unapologetically High-Spirit, High-Tech and High-Touch in nature, dedicated to a higher truth, striving for the betterment of Humanity and Mother Earth. To that end, this community has a simple set of self-governing guidelines, which are based on The Golden Rule (common to all cultures and religions). 


We call these agreements The Elohssa Covenant.  

Cool etymology here: Eloh is derived from Hebrew and literally means “of God,” or “of mighty power,” deriving from the ancient Semitic root El, from which also comes Allah. And Sah can be a mighty king (“shah” in Persian) or in German is a first person declension of the verb sehen – to see. 

So just follow our simple ethical agreements to freedom, and you’ll be a Divine Royal seer!


#1 - Thou Shalt Be Golden.  

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, says The Golden Rule. Most of the folks who are attracted or invited into MA’s House naturally live by this timeless guide to peace and joy – that is the common link of the tribe.  Like attracts like – we anticipate that we won’t need to do a lot of ejections from The Network, because we expect that most of our tribe will see that the Golden Rule works: Peace, prosperity, freedom. 


#2 - Thou Shalt Be Peaceful.

Zero-tolerance for Violence: Any network or individual channel which advocates violence as a means of achieving social or political goals will be ejected from The MA Membership.


#3 - Thou Shalt Not Practice Hate-Speech.

Any network or individual channel which engages in a pattern of “hate speech” directed towards ethnic, racial, religious, or gender/sexual preference groups will be ejected from The MA Network. If you require an explanation of what Hate Speech is, you probably don't belong in The Alliance. This isn't about political correctness, this is about civility. Level UP. 


#4 - Thou Shalt not Promote Products or Services if you are not a Diamond Co-Creator Member.

Unless you are a paid sponsor or a Diamond Member, please do not advertise your products, services, events or donation links within the private community space or the FB MA group. We are building and providing Marketplaces, Academies, Affiliates, Events, Networking, Incubated Businesses and Media Creations just for you to be able to monetize your work, but be promoted in a way that is bigger than anything you could do on your own.


That's the whole point here. To show the power of organized collaborative effort and unity. It is also vital to building a regenerative system, that we have balanced exchange for providing said places, spaces and tools.


We need a place where we are not constantly confronted to buy or donate, where we can meet one another and attract vs promote. Contacting members directly to sell is not allowed. Diamond Member offerings within the MA Community are a great way for people to get to know who you are and what you create. 


#5 - Thou Shalt Not be a Troll.

Any member network or individual channel which is found to engage in “trolling” – i.e., utilizing a false cyber-identity to disrupt, spy on, or otherwise dishonestly infiltrate another member network or channel – or any network or channel anywhere on the Internet – may be ejected from The MA Network. NOTE: If you create a profile and share no photos, posts or real name within 2 weeks of registration, we will assume that you are a troll and your account will be deleted. Spiritual or nicknames are fine, but show us who you are.  


#6 - Thou Shalt Not be a Creepy Spy.  

One of the great virtues and benefits of MA membership is the privacy and safety afforded our community.  If any member network or individual channel is found to be operated or dominated (through layering of corporate identities) by a “hidden hand” of a controlling government or corporate entity whose agenda is judged to be hostile to MA’s goals of freedom, openness and decentralization, that network or member may be ejected from the network.


#7 - Thou Shalt Not be a Hacker.

The illegal invasion of private networks is as much a crime as the illegal invasion of sovereign nations. MA will be working to provide a secure virtual network for its members. We seek to provide our member networks and channels the greatest assurance of privacy and security, and no user data will ever be sold or shared.  If any member network or individual channel is found to be engaging in a pattern of illegal hacking, that network or member may be ejected from The MA Network.


#8 - Thou Shall Honor Mother Gaia.

The MA community is passionately (and compassionately) focused on healing our devastated planet. While there is broad room for discussion over which emerging technologies are best suited to hasten planetary recovery, MA reserves the right to exclude from the Network any member networks or individuals who are engaged in a pattern of environmental exploitation or destruction, including promotion of GMO products, or of aggressive multi-national agribusiness entities or otherwise unethical companies or organizations.


#9 - Thou Shall Honor Thy Elders.  

The Elders of the MA Network are our Royalty. Their dues are supported by the membership and they are to be honored, respected and protected in all ways. They too must be Elohssa Compliant, as members of The Association. Elder Abuse, harassment, theft or scamming/misleading business practices will not be tolerated. 


#10 - Thou Shall Honor Gaia’s Creatures. 

Fuzzy, prickly, slimy, barking or buzzing -- we love all life. The MA Network does not dictate your diet choices, but advocates for, and promotes sustainable farming practices. However, if you are found to be abusing/exploiting animals/pets in any way, through your business practices or personal behavior, you will lose your membership.


#11 - Thou Shalt Honor Privacy & Data Rights

The MA Network was formed with an intention to honor the privacy of our members and their data. As a private member-based association, we own the data from our network and activities. It will never be shared or sold without your express permission or transparency on its use. There is no reporting on your online or mobile app activity to any corporate or federal agencies. You have a safe place within the network for your work and we do not own your content. Each member chooses what to share publicly or with other members. Ma promises not to manipulate with or use algorithms that limit your reach, in order to gain profit or control. Similarly, anyone found to exploit another member's data, content or activity for personal or financial gain, may be expelled from the Network.   


#12 - Thou Shalt Have Fun. 

The “pursuit of happiness” is your business. The human family has many odd and eccentric members…and we love our family. We may not understand each other, and your idea of fun may be our idea of hell, but as long as the above guidelines are observed, we strive always to live from the heart, from a place of unconditional love…from the keenly felt wish, in other words, that our brothers and sisters may realize their heart’s desire, that the human family may be happy, joyous, and free. Lighten up -- that’s what we came for, right?


#13 - Thou Shalt honor Thy Mother

While The MA Network does not advocate any one religious or spiritual path over any other, we are here to serve humanity, through and for, The Great Mother. it is a core community value that the empowerment of women, the honoring of Motherhood, and reverence for the Feminine are essential to planetary healing and the well-being of humanity. Accordingly, any member network or individual channel which supports or advocates policies or systems which are abusive to or who repress the rights and freedom of women, may be ejected from the network.


Love to all,

The Mothership Alliance Elohssa Council

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