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Holiday Survival Faire 2020

The Holiday Survival Faire is a public all-ages online festival of goodness, gifts & magic for body/mind/spirit from the #MothershipAlliance (MA) and Her #ArkAngels!

2020 has been a rough ride and we want to take people out with a fun one! Many will be separated from family this holiday season. MA’s mission is to provide sanctuary, comfort, fun, furious dancing, learning, healing, spiritual community and peace via Her member’s gifts, teachings and Marketplace creations.

This #sacred and super-fun “Faire and Festival,” is a 10-day offering of Classes, Ceremonies/Celebrations, Meditations, Music, #dancingasprayer and Maker’s Marketplace.

The Holiday Survival Faire, is a Magical Carnival Ride for the Soul which promises the attendee will not exit the Amusement Park the same way S/he entered it!