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Temples & Empires, Oh My!

SOOO, I was firing up the Official Facebook Page and changing the FB Public Group into a private group, attached to the page. Their FB Page set-up form didn't have a category for Her -- so I made one! #EMPIRE (ultimately they wouldn't let me - harumph! We will have to see about that!)

While many are bailing out on FB right now, I will demonstate to you why we will not (completely). How they are still very useful to us. And how I will bend the matrix, to use their tools by OUR rules.

And how I will #utilize and #maximize their completely #useless Pages, which are now choked by terrorist algorithms, holding access to YOUR audience literally for ransom, in order to see the beautiful content YOU provide for free and that they own and also sell for data and advertising gold. I will make FB do my bidding and essentially use it as a publishing tool and SEO weaver, and #MagicSprinkler system. I will run rings around their algorithms and leave them dizzy trying to figure out #wtf my data even means. And I will be documenting and sharing exactly how I do it, with the Private Members of The Mothership Alliance.

I will be launching and sharing the next phase of the site content for Solstice Reveal! Sharing a Sneak Peek here too!

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