MA is designed as a Private Member Association, built and operated by its Members and Member Networks. We are simultaneously sovereign and united for a common cause.


Her purpose is to Unite, Support, Gestate & Birth, Heal and Prosper through Her members' Media, Missions and Marketplace creations. Together we are building our Temple and Empire, knitting Divine Design and MotherTech into our magic carpet. 

We are a gathering of Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters. Maidens, Moms, Queens and Crones. Priestesses, Weavers and Wonder Women. Sisters from different misters, we are getting to the work of unifying our legions, our gifts, our love, and our infinite power to execute the Mission of all #MotherMissions



Enough is Enough.


Together we claim this Temple,
in the name of the Mothership Alliance. 

A Sovereign Order of Orders, Network of Networks, Group of Groups and Tribe of Tribes. 





We are supported, protected and revered by a ground crew of Sacred Masculine Masters, Knights, Jedi, Grand Wizards and Grandfathers as our Blue Rose Knights.



(who says girls aren't good at math?)


Through our Media, Music, Marketplace & Symbiotic Support, we will birth a regenerative and prosperous ecosystem to make enough honey for the whole hive, with enough surplus and wisdom to tackle the Mother Missions on this planet -- one by #ONE.


The Mothership is not attempting to do or replicate what you, your group or your network are already doing. MA is here to elevate, aggregate, curate and distribute what you are doing - in ways more powerful than any of us are able to do on our own.

The Mothership Alliance is building Her Empire in strategic phases, to provide its members with the Media/Social Tools, Tech, Teaching, Platforms and Support Network required to carry out their missions. We have everything we need. All the blueprints. All the technology. All the people and the talent and the energy and intention. We have it ALL and WE ARE READY. This is what we came for. 

You will know in your heart and your mind and your body if joining The Mothership Alliance is for you. We are birthing a private member-association and intentional virtual community, to assist in cleaning, healing and building a New World and Humanity 2.0.


All in alignment and integrity are welcome. 



The Mothership Alliance represents as a Symbol vs a logo with words. There aren't words or measure for what the Feminine energy brings. For how She works her magic and weaves her web. She is an enigmatic, multi-talented, multi-faceted and powerfully multi-dimensional. 

She is a vibration and the spaces in between. 


We aim to attract vs promote. Our brand has no colors, as we are not a brand. Similarly, our symbol is our Sigil and She lays over all. She is elemental and She is alchemy. All flows, and is brought through, HER.


Our Symbol is:

  • OM

  • Omega Alpha (script = flipped)

  • Mountains we will move

  • Pyramids we re/activate

  • Protection by the Sacred Masculine

  • The Christos/Christas United

  • Lambda - beyond human consciousness

  • Diamond Codes

  • 13th Star

  • Mayan Lamat Star Gate

  • Everything

  • Nothing

  • MA


And oh so, SO much more.