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For this Divinely Guided Lionsgate 2021 (SHE)BootCamp, we are specifically seeking support from Mother's "Sacred Sons/Suns."

Your sponsorship assists MA in 3 ways:

  1. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & EDUCATION: Our programs and community are in beta and build phase. Each event creates new systems, assets, learnings and products that create abundance and support for many Female Entrepreneurs, Single Mothers, Teachers and Healers to gestate, birth and incubate their projects and missions. 

  2. MODELING #KnightON PRINCIPLES: What the feminine brings to the collective can not always be quantified or monetized but its value is immeasurable. The integrated masculine reveres, respects and supports this powerful intuitive and nurturing work. His investment is returned multiplied in a myriad of ways. The Pillars of Chivalry were built upon this understanding. Modeling this for the collective is a powerful act. Our garden will feed many, but initial watering is necessary for growth. 

  3. MARKETING & PROMOTIONS: Our promotion is your promotion and your Sponsorship will help MA monetize the event and raise our public profile. Sponsors will enjoy brand and product placement on all program promotions (ads, videos, posts) as well as Eventbrite site, Program Portal and Weekly Emails.

We are leaving sponsorship amounts to your discretion. You choose the value and what feels right. MA would love to reach Her $22k goal for this project to have the ability to promote and fund the program and platforms for growth. Any and all sponsorships will be received with deep gratitude, and provided invoicing for your marketing receipts.  



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