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The Time is NOW.

This image was sent to me by one of our dear #Mothershippers, Aaliyah Bolden. It was so beautiful and powerful. I asked her, if she had any words coming to her from this image, that I would love to share it here in the #MAgicBOOK. The following words are her reflection and capture in words -- thank you, Aaliyah! I felt you had something in you with this gorgeous image that captures our essence and #MotherMission here! -RD

-Artist Unknown

Calling the divine feminine to gather as one, braiding their wisdom together, locking hands in unconditional divine love, standing in power and strength, the time is now, it is the appointed time. Spirit and Ancestors surround them and Spirit guides are the hedge of protection, grounding and anchoring the powerful energy of unconditional love the unquenchable flame.

As I meditated on the image I could feel an intensity and focus from these powerful women, who lifetime after lifetime had been the priestess, Medicine women, Mother, Grand Mother, life giver, creator, Crone yet was forced to watch in silence as the world spun out of control and played out the time line of the old paradigm steeped in 3D energy. In times past they faced inward nurturing and bringing comfort to the world, but now they face outwardly, ready and willing.

A shift has happened and the divine feminine IS RISING, stronger, wiser and focused on the task at hand, transmuting the dense energies, holding space, creating and bringing on the Magik guided by Spirit.

I decided I wanted to pull cards for this powerful image, I used the Angels and Ancestors oracle deck. The question was, what’s the message of the Women, Their wisdom, represented by their hair, Spirit and Ancestors, I felt we’re the birds, and the Spirit guides, I felt were the wolves, here’s what came.

The Women “water guardian” these women have done the inner work they have dealt with their shadow side they may still be dealing with shadow side and that’s OK it is a process. They are tuned into they are psychic abilities and their intuition is heightened.

Their Wisdom “Fire Guardian” The wisdom of these powerful women is a flame that burns and their desire is to set things right to be in alignment with the universe, shining bright as the sun.

Spirit and Ancestors “Hermit” Spirit and Ancestors are centered in the hearts of the women and as the women have looked within and done the work, Spirit and Ancestors have meet them there giving strength, courage, activations and guidance.

Spirit Guides “Direction Guardian” The Spirit Guides are standing guard, walking with these powerful women ready to move in any direction.

The time is now, rise women of faith and power, rise and join hands, share your wisdom, speak your truth, let your light shine bright and your flame burn hot, united together as one.


Aaliyah is from WI and will be shining her light from a #GoldChannel here on the #MAnetwork very soon!

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I love this so much! I also love that this post is here in our Mothership! So tired of looking at FB for our MA inspirations! Much love y'all <3

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