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Reclaiming Crone

Whenever I use the word “Crone” in conversations with women over 50, I get blow back. Women my age and older HATE the word Crone. That is, women who have not learned out about or experienced the magical element that surrounds this reviled word.

It’s time for us to reclaim the word “Crone!”

Full Article by Sarah Grace:

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Jules Salinas
Jules Salinas
Dec 02, 2020

On the eve of my 50th birthday, I wrote this song. Hopefully I'll record it for real by 52 (March 8th, international women's day!) Over 13 months post-hysterectomy, I'm officially a crone. Love it.

Woman of a Certain Age

On the eve of fifty

I'm certainly certain that I know I'm a woman who is

Living each moment

Denying or accepting my ghosts

So many ghosts

On the eve of fifty

I'm certainly certain I know I'm a woman who is

Facing a moment

When wanting and settling collide

And I can't hide

This isn't a crisis, and it's not midlife

I passed that marker years ago

Just reconciling my joy and strife

The lessons that I need to…

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