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You're not slipping through the cracks, but falling into Openings.

That certain person. A remarkable thing. The sudden event. A season of hardship. Being diagnosed. Falling in and out of love. An intense phase of feeling lost. Or the death that stopped the clocks and shook your world...

Something dropped you to your knees, only to pick you up again, and thrust you into an unexpected entrance of a life-changing Opening.

An Opening where everyday existence and the core of your being collapse into one, and nothing feels the same again.

You are not being neglected, not being ignored. Instead, a great spirit speaks to you. A conversation between this source and your soul is significant and ongoing —and it had always been. But you can hear it much clearer since passing through the Opening.

Listen as it reveals:

The strength of your connection

is just as powerful as the sun.

You are awesomely comprised

of wisdom and creation.

You are not all alone,

but guided by intuition.

And while here on earth,

you are a complete universe,

holding a continuance of profound

experiences with spiritual meaning.

~Susan Frybort

art: Marco Busoni

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