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Mindful Online Life

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Making everything in our lives intentional, creatively curated and sacred can be a powerful and revolutionary act. And, like it or not, an extension of our Being and experience is happening in the #digisphere as much as the physical world -- if not more. But, like the physical world, we still do have a choice at what and who we let into our "home" and conciousness -- but ultimately it is up to us to exercise and act on our options and do a couple things that will significantly cut down on online static and those jacking into your #channel

Sharing here a couple great tools to keep your search and online activity, well, YOURS! Google, because of the powerful info-matrix they control -- informs so much of what you see and experience, based on what you search for. The result is a custom-crafted journey through all of your favorite sites, email, snail mail and into your local market. You become an algo, whether you like to try new things or not -- you may be getting served just the stuff they know you will be more likely to eat.

Jump off the radar and give DuckDuckGo and/or FireFox a try, we've used them for years and both are really robust and also may show you a lot of results you won't see on the others.

Check out the latest version of the Firefox Browser, they continue to innovate and add more ways to browse media and also protect you and your data.

Another, newer rebel browser kid on the scene is the BRAVE browser:

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