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MA APP (Ark) Onboarding Info!

Easy Step by step instructions to get on the MA App/Platform. See below!

Step 1. DOWNLOAD the App in either the Google Play for Android or App Store for Mac.

Just search for Mothership Alliance or link directly from the membership page or link provided to you via email, if you are a subscriber.

You can also login via Desktop from the MA Membership Page on 10-10-2020 and thereafter.

Step 2 - REQUEST TO JOIN - Fill out your info using a FRESH email/password EVEN If you’re a PAID/FOUNDING member on

(Note: Yes you can use the same user/pass but you'll have to re-enter for the app)

Step 3. CHECK YOUR EMAIL - Look for a confirmation email

If you do not see the email, check junk/spam or promotions tab - or search by subject line "Confirm your email address"

Step 4. - CONFIRMATION - Click the button to Confirm ( YOU’RE IN!!)

Step 5. ALMOST THERE - Approval Pending

You can stay in the app screen and go check your email (see next screen)

Step 6 - CONFIRMED, time to set up your Profile!

Step 7 - SET UP YOUR PROFILE w/ basic info (Name, address, etc.) and specific info to enhance your MA experience!

Step 8 - START POSTING, look around & Kick the Tires!

You can go in to "edit profile" to add/change anything -- and add a cover photo.

Check out the Groups and add/follow friends.

AGAIN, make sure you add so you don't miss any announcements or Member communications!

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