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Intimacy - The Elixer of Life

by #FearlessFounder Melissa Baker

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Often we have many barriers to receiving love. Often it's from what we learned though our parents, through society, through our relationships. It's the ingrained constructs that keep filters over our eyes and keep us from truly seeing the person in front of us.

But what do we all really desire, deep down? (men and women) To be seen. To be accepted. To be loved....exactly as we are. What I have found is an open heart, present to what is arising, is the catalyst for experiences that birth such tender hearted moments of pure connection.

Why? Because we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in our authentic truth. We open our hearts to being seen. We accept what is moving through us while simultaneously accepting what is being birthed in the moment with another.

What is that open hearted, vulnerable, juicy elixir that feels SO GOOD?


It's the honey that is the foundation for heart centered connection. It's what we all truly long for and it's the very thing that cultivates amazing relationships (of all kinds). It's also how we receive love, by consciously choosing intimacy over fear. In doing so, we allow ourselves to know love, by holding ourselves in the same way.

What I mean by this is stopping the DOING to be accepted, to be worthy, to be loved. Stop fretting over if you're good enough. Or following the "rules" of how to relate. *insert every dating coaches advice here* Aren't you unique? Not everyone is your person, but someone out there will be the moment you realize your inherent worth, value and capacity to love without conditions.

So allow yourself to BE exactly as you are. Even in your intensity In your powerful moments In your deep sensitivity In your ability to see through all that isn't aligned

To truly accept all of yourself, is to let love in. It's to realize you are the ONE. Meaning, the moment you accept your perfection, is the moment someone will see you as perfect too (even in all your imperfection) Because we believe in our worthiness. Because we believe in our value We understand the parts of our personality that on one hand may seem "imperfect" may also be the very source of our truest and most profound power. #alchemy

And the person who consciously chooses to meet you there, will be the person who always sees your gold and offers the deepest intimacy you've ever known because you're open enough to receive it. Every juicy drop. Into-me-see is the elixir of life in my opinion. It's how we grow, how we evolve, expand and deepen into the magical creatures we are.

Where are you choosing intimacy in your own lives and how does it feel? Where can you open your heart a little more, trust in yourself and let the love in? ❤

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