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Feast of the Magdalene

In honor of this sacred day, The Feast of the Magdalene, MA is sharing a phenomenal post, written by one of our #MAplatinum members, Melissa Baker. A beautiful tribute. Also including a powerful Magdalene Pyramid Chant and a gallery of images collected from our Mothership Alliance FB Groups and our own sacred altar offerings. Enjoy and Bless Her and we welcome her back to the table, where She belongs!

This incredible Art is by the one and only Autumn Skye ART, our sister Autumn Skye Morrison (according to her, still a work in progress. Skye, just epic)! Follow her from links and you can purchase prints from her website.


“Our Beloved Lady’s Feast Day is July 22, officially given by the Vatican on June 10 of 2016 as the "Apostle of All Apostles" after being cast out by the church for centuries. A “mainstream sign” of progress and step of honouring Her Magnificence!

Sophia-Magdalene Mary Magdalene Mariam Marie Madeleine Lady Nada

Her name connects to La Mer, the Ocean, the Holy Feminine, the Mother. The aramaic word for Magdala is Tower or Fortress. In Hebrew, the word is spelled mgdl and migdol. Magdal-eder is “watchtower of the flock” Meaning Strength & Power. Her title "Magdalene" implies greatness, exaltation, elevation, and pre-eminence. Her name is thought to be linked to Magdola / Magdala in Ethiopia - where some of her ancestors were from. And of the royal line of Benjamin.

She as a consciousness is one of the original Earth Mothers coming from the stars long before humanity arrived. These 12 Earth Mothers created the crystalline grid lines and sacred portals of the Earth body in preparation for humanity.

In Ancient Lemuria, The Magdalene soul was the High Priestess in the Temple of Phira, meaning“Living Flames”. This Temple was dedicated to the Lion-Goddess of Sirius & essence of the Divine Feminine.

Mary Magdalene is Rising in our consciousness. A few years ago, She whispered to me:

“I am the Essence of Divine Feminine Consciousness Rising within you. I pierce through the veils at this time on Earth to offer you the Chalice of Holy Remembrance of Divine Union. I am thy utter devotion nestled at your bosom. I know the deep ache in your soul and nectar at your lips, salivating for ecstasy, truth and connection. As I anoint your feet, womb, heart and brow, may you remember that your Humanity is the blossoming essence of purity, sovereignty, and love in rapturous union with Spirit. Through you, the Holy Grail becomes. Blessed Be.”

- Achintya Devi

And here are some images from #Mothershippers on this sacred day of Her Celebration:

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