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Alchemy of Us

The told and retold stories, tender wounds, ancient scars, fragmented parts of our being; these can all be loved back into wholeness. Like the Japanese pottery technique of Kintsugi, when we not only accept but have gratitude for the broken pieces of ourselves and each other, we can turn them to gold.

It can actually be stronger where we have been repaired, and something new and beautiful created by our care and honoring.

All of the experiences, the loves, losses, hurts, hopes, betrayals, grief, faith, have taught us and brought us to where we are now.

It has all shaped our uniqueness and flawed perfection.

Most often it is our vulnerable open hearted relationships that hurt us, and likewise it is most often there where we find our healing.

We are called on now and in every moment to honor our path and our past with gratitude and reflection. Every relationship, every connection, every heartbreak, every new layer of healing and hurt and healing again. Even the deepest wounds can be loved, the most tender places in us held in care for our selves and each other, and in time repaired and made beautiful by our compassion.

This is the transmutation into gold. Pain into love.

This is the ebb and flow of love and loss and our inevitable return to love again.

This is the Alchemy of Us.

“Alchemy of Us”

~Autumn Skye Morrison~


Sacred Wild Woman Medicine

Artist~ Autumn Skye Morrison

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