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High-Voltage Activator. Divine Channel. High Priestess. Soul Embodiment Coach.

Melissa is an Empathic Intuitive Energy Healer and Divine Wisdom Channel. In 2014, she discovered her purpose, which is to help inspire others to reconnect with their own divine blueprint, life purpose and awaken/embody their Soul's radiance. Throughout the years Melissa has studied Astrology, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Lunar wisdom/ritual, Sacred Geometry, Reiki, Quantum Energy Healing, Shamanic, Esoteric Wisdom, Somatic practices, Tantric/Hatha Yoga, and Ayurveda. This ancient wisdom is the backbone of Melissa's healing and coaching practice. Her practice is also deeply rooted in the Deep Feminine Mysteries, The Rose Lineage and the Priestess path. Melissa's gift is from the codes she carries, able to activate clients with her potent transmissions.

Working with Melissa will holistically address the whole you, so you may experience radiance, joy and grace in all of areas of your life.

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