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The Mothership Alliance is the blueprint for a co-created, member-owned/operated  Cooperative designed to harness the current zeitgeist of uplift and progressive change via its media, social/sacred activism and innovative regenerative revenue model. It's a simple but powerful plan which holds the potential for the little guy TO MAKE SOMETHING VERY BIG HAPPEN. Together as ONE.  

MA is conceived to form a "Network of Networks," consisting of its Member Networks, Channels, and the programs that are on them — including YOURS.  Each network is sovereign, with its own community, e.g.: Moms in LA, Healing Music, Sacred Commerce, Reggae, etc. but all Networks have access to any other open Member Networks, as well as feeding into “The Mothership,” where select content feeds to “Channel ONE” — a continual broadcast of curated global Network content, sometimes random, sometimes as planned strategic or themed. 

ONE OF OUR MISSIONS is for each Sub-Network and its Co-Op Members have a platform, tools and ability to broadcast their own “Channel” and related programming. But everyone on the MA/OneLove network is there by choice and by a nominal paid annual association fee for which members have access to all media connected to the mothership and modest subscription options to have their own channel with tools/tech funded and created by the membership.  

Access to the network and its app/content, is free for Association members. Those who want a profile/channel or network, will pay a reasonable subscription fee ranging from $7 to $33/mo, depending on what level/amount of content they wish to consume. 

Elders 65+ and members of indigenous tribes pay no subscription fees. Gift and scholarship memberships are available for those who cannot afford membership or subscription fees.  

The Web of Independent Networks and Channels aims to create one larger “virtual network” vs. a platform-based or enterprise system. These smaller boats float throughout the Network, less vulnerable as one large sinkable ship.

The modular concept of its tools, feeds and content sources, #MediaMothership will be designed to evolve and adapt along the journey, less prone to being sunk by the latest shiny online object. 

The Independently-Named/Branded Networks, receive HALF the association membership proceeds. THAT'S RIGHT. 

Their portion of the proceeds goes toward their own Network Content & Media Creation  and Sacred Mission work -- both online and on the ground. It also goes to their bank accounts, as salary, operations and growth so that the principles & employees are fully compensated for their work. As they so deserve. The remaining 50% funds MA, to group-fund and invest in the tech and talent to get us there, media and tech creation hubs and, eventually, toward “big-hit” Global/Humanitarian mission work, as well as new-paradigm holochain & blockchain currency and content delivery systems, mainstream media creations, the profits of which will be reinvested/returned to the association and its members. 

The content for the Channels will be created and aggregated from a variety of sources — free-flowing Social Media Networks, Podcasts/Radio, Video hosting platforms as well as #MA-funded Media, Commerce & Creation tools. The Network/Channel content will exist as both User-Generated as well as Professionally-Produced (Prime) Media/Content: Movies/Video, Photos/Images, Webcasts, Classes/Educational, DIY, Music, Radio/Podcasts etc. 

#MA aims to create a Media network, much like Cable TV, that is viewable on your computer, TV or phone but also with the inclusion of feeds from select Social Media, Indie Media and a variety of tools/games etc — some pre-existing and some proprietary tools and goodies. 

The Media, Commerce & Community within the P-Volt or affiliate Networks, seeks to create a decentralized system that facilitates the “New Paradigm” — creating tools and systems for a naturally-orchestrated anarchy of sorts. Goals include driving local commerce (and resulting relationships) as well as allowing people to use their core-competencies and work together in ways that do not confine people to one company or job.

Technology has facilitated and amplified what is possible in how people do business and connect in community. Used haphazardly, and in silos, it creates mayhem and division. Used mindfully, with intention and natural flow? Anything is possible. 

What is needed now, is to provide the tech, tools and a cohesive system to unite & collaborate, reduce redundancy and create opportunities to best attract our tribe, connect polarities and create natural balance. This organically happens when we are able to move freely about, and to clearly emit and receive the energy/signals we need to not only survive, but thrive.  

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