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#TransMISSION and Virtual Camp from Mt. Shasta, CA 
STARTS: Sunday, July 31st
ENDS: Sunday, August 21st

Guided by One Divine, on a journey to your next game level.

This is already deeply discounted and, straight up, it's priceless. You will be shifted. You'll experience and create magic yourself. If you get in and find it ain't for you, you can get your money back.

But if you wanna come and you do not have full tuition, you will not be turned away. Please use the contact button below to offer what you are able to exchange/pay and I will take care of you. I do not want people who need this to be left out. #wecanworkitout

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Camp is a bundle, including a MA Membership, which allows boarding onto "The Ark" - our private Mighty Networks Vessel. Membership trial and access is for two months, unless you choose to stay on and ride with us. But the way I am going to do what I do, I need a private SM container where I can do live #TransMISSIONS and communicate with the group for your daily quests, messaging and posting. And to not have it tracked or limited in reach on FB. Please don't let this stop you. It's really super easy and pretty cool. If you don't want to do something new, this probably isn't for you. You can do it from desktop or your phone. Get in the secret clubhouse!!! 

I cannot wait to do this with you! 
With Love, One Divine

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