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We are so glad you are here - Let the alchemy begin! We are going to turn some lead into gold, for real. The 5-Min welcome message and video is there waiting for you in our online clubhouse. All you need to do is to climb into the BANDwagon, our private online community container where everything will happen.


It is an App called BAND you can download on your mobile and also access from your desktop. We will post daily prompts, motivation, guided meditations, yoga, breathwork, #TransMISSIONS and channelings. We will go live from locations, where cell signal allows and be posting photos and videos for you to tune into Mt. Shasta and the Ground Crew. 

Below are a couple images showing the App and an example, from our Mothership Alliance private community -- events and notices are always at the top. We can have group chats and side chats with other angels, with voice messages, images and video. All communications in one place -- EASY we can have unscensored and LIVE and music and FREEDOM to be full-throttle ourselves. Bring your superpowers and magic and gifts to the party!

All further information will be shared within this private channel. 


  • Make sure the app is on the home screen of your phone and/or saved on your favorites bar on your home browser. 

  • This is a private channel and cannot be found or accessed by the public.

  • We own our content and it is uncensored. 

  • Turn On Notifcations so you know when announcements and LIVE broadcasts and events are scheduled. 

  • Release expectations and be in flow -- and also FUN! This is gong to be a good time and we all need some family fun right now, right? 

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