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Yer gonna wanna turn the sound ON for that video! We were Divinely Assigned to create a container for this time and in this place, by The Great Mother (and Grandmother) herself. You are invited for a transfiguring experience and High and Holy Earth MAgic and Group Alchemy like no other!


The container will be led and guided by MAsters One Divine, Strongheart and Veruschka Normandeau, along with YOUR medicine and offerings, as they are added to the alchemical soup. We will gather and broadcast globally from ANNA HOUSE Retreat in Mt. Shasta, CA - one of the most sacred, powerful and magnetic spots on Gaia.


Everything we have ever done has been leading to this. None of us will return the same. We will be expanded, elevated, activated, educated and renewed! We will fall deeper in love with ourselves and our missions and our Family of Light. You will know if you are supposed to be here! TRUST and come to Her, if She is calling you for this profound mission and gathering.


This will be a powerful and transfiguring 9-Day Alchemical Container like nothing you've ever done before! To be clear: This is also an important mission and calling. We are gathering the Family of Light, as specifically guided, to assist in clearing, alchemizing and activating through this important Equinox window. Online attendees will be Global Earth Angels, energetically connecting to the Ground Crew in Mt. Shasta. CHECK OUT OUR GLOBAL MAP of Light Fam!



  • Full 9-Day Alchemy Program 

  • Virtual Majestic Mt. Shasta & Area Tours

  • Body/Mind/Spirit Balance Program

  • Circles, Ceremony & Earth MAgic

  • Friday Morning Zen Meditation w/Lama Peace from InLight Zen Center

  • Equinox Evening Channeled Sound Experience w/Haruko Blue Star Child

  • EPIC Sound Science and Ceremony w/Gary Cromb!

  • Surprise Mission

#WATCH this video from One Divine, with details on how this is gonna roll, and what it's about, and you will KNOW if this is where you are to be at this time. ONLY 144 SPACES AVAILABLE - FEEL THE CALL! 


let the alchemy begin!




Opening Zoom Circle & Ceremony



 w/online Grounding Meditation broadcast from Mt. Shasta (live or replay) and DIY themed offerings



Sound Circle/Tone/Chant and DIY integration-themed offerings



Group offerings and live broadcasts around clearing our signals, mind/body/spirit – optional fasting day

THURSDAY - Sept 21

ANNA HOUSE retreat begins - meet the Ground Crew! 

Opening circle and sharing. 
Guided Energy Clearing

EFT Tapping 

 FRIDAY - Sept 22

Morning - Zen Meditation & Yoga w/Lama Peace from InLight Zen Center

Headwaters Meditation & Activation

Faery Falls & Ney Springs

Downtown Mt. Shasta Tour & Shopping

 Peak Equinox Circle


SATURDAY - Sept 23 

Sunrise Yoga & Breath

Panther Meadows Circle

Field Trip! Tour w/Strongheart – TBD 

Evening BBQ, Circle & Dancing

SUNDAY - Sept 24
SoulFULL Sunday

Optional Sunrise field trip

Guided Energy Mediation/EFT

Temple MA - Sacred Sound & Tea Ceremony
w/Gary Cromp

Afternoon in guided flow, we may break into modular groups and visit:
Peace Garden 

Pluto's Cave

Sunset Mountain Hike/Explore


MONDAY - Sept 25

Morning Stretching/Movement

Energy grounding/embodiment session

Closing Circle & Ceremonial Offerings to Gaia

We ALWAYS honor Divine flow, synchronicity and guidance. Nothing is etched in stone. Shift happens. Who knows what MAgic will unfold? 




One Divine

Alchemist. Oracle. Activator. 

Founder MAma/Birther of the Mothership Alliance, One Divine employs divinely-guided methods of alchemy in all that she creates, whether it is media, art, design, sacred ceremony or getting dressed in the morning. Music, humor and silly shenanigans are key ingredients in her MAgic. She brings through wisdom teachings, prophecy, transmissions and codes that will activate the spit out of you!


Shamanic Bodyworker. Healer. Guide.

Strongheart pours her incredible light through a variety of modalities. Her unique Shamanic Healing Massage was born of 30 years as a top-spa massage therapist and her full (and intense) awakening allowed her to see across dimensions and timelines, speak with spirit guides/angels, see colors and blocks in the body from past and current traumas or physical injury. She offers these same gifts for readings and spiritual ministry, and many of her bodywork clients continue on with her as a spiritual guide and energy healer. Her light will leave you cleansed and uplifted and probably laughing too!



Rose Yogi. Master EFT Practitioner. 

Veruschka Normandeau is a transformational mindset and healing arts coach, photographer and inspiritress of Rose Yoga, a hub for the inquisitive soul to be empowered via psycho-spiritual programs, offering energy medicine tools to assist with heart courage to uncover your unique embodiment of your true nature.

She is a MAster EFT practitioner, self-love activist and intuitive magic dealer and has been guiding people and upgrading lives since 2007 with Emotional Freedom Technique. Serving your inner beauty and embracing the paradox of life.

gary cromp

Sacred Sound Wizard

Gary Cromp is a powerful angelic lightworker who is on a mission to deliver Divine Codes of Creation to humanity and the beauty and craters of spaceship Earth. He will be utilizing years of downloads from the deserts of Palm springs, Joshua Tree and landers, as well as, Mount Shasta, Lake Tahoe, and the Olympic peninsula. Formulas and research have been done with Dr. Clarice Barrett, Randy Masters, and John Shinn. Nine years of research and hard work have been gathered to present this galactic experience. 



9 Days to clear this gameboard!

energy exchange 


The amount was Divinely and specifically guided for this Priceless Experience. Your support helps the Mothership Alliance Non-Profit Ministry to serve and create these sacred containers and mission work. And THIS is the biggest #mission so far - LET'S DO THIS! 


You will be sent to a page with a 5 Min Info video and a link to our private online social media container where we will broadcast all offerings, zoom rooms, replays and LIVE #TransMISSIONS

We are looking for dedicated, disciplined, grounded, passionate, authentic and FUN team. We will ALL be leveled up and activated by through this experience. Are you ready to truly take a Leap of Faith? We take this mission seriously and so should you. Great Mother is watching and guiding us every step, with Legions of Angels and Ancestors assisting.


We are pleased to offer you Mothership Alliance services. Included is a private membership in Mothership Alliance and Memorandum of Understanding/waiver form for the Ministry. Your purchase of this 9-Day program acts as your agreement.

We thank you for your willingness to explore an alternative method of health and wellness. Mothership Alliance is a lawfully formed, faith based Private Spiritual & Healing Ministerial Association, operating with a reliance upon our faith in Nature and Nature’s God, dedicated
to providing professional services and advice concerning natural healthcare and services to its members. The following forms explain this relationship and the rights, benefits and responsibilities associated with membership.


Bless You for supporting MA and Her Missions.

 Gestated, Birthed and Incubated by The Mothership Alliance

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